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Sauti Untamed

  • What we liked about the linking and learning was how to tell stories. For the deaf to use social media we don’t like written English because the language we use is loose and we don’t want people to think we are not learned. So, having people to sign over our stories was important.
  • “I think the linking and learning approach of Voice programme is very effective and resourceful, the accountability mechanism and how stories are collected all serve to the betterment of the rightsholders and organisation capacity.
  • “I have to appreciate this project. It is one of the projects which has helped us to improve on a number of things including storytelling and linking and learning. We are integrating our work with others and we can also connect with other organisations. L&L has been a great assistance to us.
  • “Before we started the funding, we did a baseline survey identifying the need for our work, indicating 98% of people were not aware of mental health. But this improved to 78% after the project. This shows there was impact but still need for more advocacy needs to be done for youth, women and the elderly.