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Annual National Linking and Learning Event

Linking and learning is at the heart of the Voice Programme. It refers to planned activities, processes that boost collaboration, connection, sharing of learnings, innovation, and application of new knowledge for project implementation and delivery effectiveness of participating grantees to achieve their project trajectories.    It    aims    to    produce    evidence-based    learning    and    innovative    solutions    to    project implementation challenges for the current and future engagements of grantees for better transformative change effects on rightsholders that are faced with marginalization and discrimination. Phase II of Voice is underway with a projected portfolio of 32 partners to be onboarded in Kenya. The Voice team in Kenya seeks to create an opportunity for the Kenyan and Multi-country grantees based in East Africa to come together to establish a connection and set objectives for their linking and learning journey in Voice and beyond.

Start date: 2023-03-19
Start time 08:00
End time 17:00
End date 2023-03-23
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